Monday, 31 December 2012

365. Showbiz

364. High Speed

The year has almost come full circle. This shot is very similar to one I posted at the start of the year - a long exposure on Waterloo Bridge. These light trails are made by cars driving over the bridge - they give the impression of high speed. 

Saturday, 29 December 2012

363. Success

I think this must have been won by my great, great-grandfather. 

362. Justice

361. Glamour

360. Quality

Really good quality afternoon tea at the Midland Hotel in Manchester. 

359. Liquid

Lovely Champagne with afternoon tea on my birthday. 

358. Mountain

A lovely mountain of presents for us to open on Christmas morning - weren't we lucky!

357. Christmas

356. Objects

355. Real Life

354. Rare

A lovely - and rather collectible - edition of a Ladybird classic children's story.

353. Professional

Here's Skipper the cat, getting on with some business. Apparently cats don't stop for Christmas.

352. Fashion

Knitted garments in Fair Isle or Scandinavian patterns seem to be in fashion at the moment. These cosy slippers were actually given to me last Christmas and I absolutely love them.

351. Manufactured

By Mr Jim, B's dad. I love this sort of Christmas decoration.

350. Large

Giant inflatable polar bears at Bitton Station: why not?!

349. Duty

No, I wasn't really on platform duty on the Avon Valley of the guards gave me his hat to wear.  I obviously didn't take this photo - B's mum did, so thanks for this one Bette! I thought it was more fun than a photo of the real guard on duty. 

348. Slowly

The steam train very slowly entering Bitton Station on Christmas Eve.

347. Junk

The junk yard at Bitton Station, on the Avon Valley Railway.

346. Private

345. Exercise

344. Refrigerator

Filled with yummy food in preparation for Christmas.

343. Statement

342. Strength


341. Insignificant

Or is it?

340. Body

339. Somber

I was really struggling to find something to fit with this theme - particularly around the festive season which has been anything but somber for our very fortunate families this year. Then I found this sheep's skull and thought it would fit well enough - it's not exactly joyful is it?

338. Athletic

337. Panorama

This set of photographs were actually taken in Polperro, Cornwall, earlier this year. I have only just stitched them together to make this panorama. Not the best, but it was done sans-tripod so I had to make do with a few slightly misaligned bits!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

336. Heavy

This little lady was finding her younger cousin a bit to heavy to hold.

335. Desire

This adorable little man was very taken with the bubbles I set up for his family portrait shoot. He just wanted to chase, catch, hold and stare at them...which made for some great photos. 

334. Fear

When Florence gets frightened of something - such as the sound of the post being pushed through the letterbox or a leaf - she hides in amongst the CDs. Crazy cat.

333. Speed

The London Eye does look as though it's spinning at some speed here, but it's just a long exposure (slow shutter release) which has meant the light trails are left. 

332. Awful

B and I played a truly terrible game of Scrabble on Friday. There were nearly tears - I'm not a good loser. 

331. The Office... wherever I shoot, edit and package photographs. This year I have managed to turn photography from a hobby into a business. How lucky am I?

330. Tools

The tools I was using to package up photographic prints for clients last week. My living room was in total disarray. 

Monday, 10 December 2012

329. Spot

This is my new favourite 'spot', to sit and read with a cup of tea and a hot-water bottle.

328. Destructive

Florence gets up to lots of mischief - including trying to eat Mum's flowers. 

327. Electricity

They certainly wouldn't have been there when the railway original opened, but I loved these little coloured light bulbs, bringing a Christmas feel to the station platform. 

326. Quests

A lovely journey through the Churnet Valley, by steam train.

325. Status

This dude definitely had status on the Churnet Valley Heritage Railway. Check out that hat!

324. Prosperity

Sitting in a steam train - one of the Victorian symbols of prosperity - while using an iPhone, the modern equivalent. 

323. Used

Vintage luggage on the Churnet Valley Heritage Railway.

322. Daybreak

The view from my living room window one morning last week.

321. Machine

On the Churnet Valley Heritage Railway.

320. Weight

Some very old luggage weighing scales at the Churnet Valley Heritage Railway.

319. Parts

The internal mechanisms of a vintage typewriter.

318. Smooth

Such lovely smooth coats, these two had. 

317. The Team

The B Team.

316. Domestic

B proved himself to be something of a domestic god by hand-making this Formula One cake for his dad's birthday. I was amazed.