Sunday, 26 February 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Here we are again! This week has flown by and as I've been back at work, I've barely had time to photograph anything, so my Scavenger Hunt has been something of a last minute scramble! I hope you enjoy my interpretations of this week's prompts. 

1. Crossed

It's that time of year again - hot-crossed buns galore! I like mine toasted, sometimes with a cheeky slice of cheddar cheese. How about you?

2. A Glimpse

My friend's son, peeking out from behind his warm layers.

3. Handwritten

I still love writing letters (and receiving them of course!) - so much more personal than email.

4. Bliss

Okay, so this one is from my archive. As it was a very busy first week back at school after the half-term holidays, I wasn't feeling particularly blissful. This is a shot of my mum's cat Cleo, looking pretty blissed out on the lawn in summer. Sadly she's no longer with us, but I have this photo on my pinboard and it always makes me smile. 

5. Grey

One from earlier in the week...Castle Combe, just down the road from us, on a pretty grey and wet day. Still utterly beautiful, in spite of the dull weather. 

I hope you've enjoyed this week's Scavenger Hunt and thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to check out everyone else's interpretations over at Ramblings and Photos


  1. Woof, is Cleo a female cat?
    Is she looking for a dog boyfriend too?
    If she does, I will eMail my late brother Bogart on the Rainbow bridge so they can meet up ;-)

  2. Hot crossed buns - perfect! Your gray shot, however, is stunning - it not only illustrates the color, but evokes the feeling of gray. Wonderful!

  3. These are all fantastic! Love that gray picture!

  4. Lovely photos. Loved the Hot Cross Buns. How blissful to be a loved cat I always think.

  5. I want to live where YOU live :) What a charming village! But your "glimpse" shot is perfection!

  6. Love your Glimpse and Bliss photos! :)

  7. Beautiful! Love your handwritten and gray shots. Lovely!!