Monday, 7 May 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

A little delayed this week - with the bank holiday weekend here in the UK, I've been out and about. Please do pop over to Ashley Sisk's page, where she hosts the Scavenger Hunt Sunday, and check out some of the other links.

1. Shadow

In the sunshine earlier this week, the lambs were casting clear shadows. They're getting big so quickly.

2. Keys

This one is from my archive as I didn't have chance to get a shot of keys this week. It was taken with my Lomography Spinner camera, which takes full 360 degree panoramas. This was in New York last year and the link is the street performer's piano keys. 

3. Smile

A lovely smile from a lovely little boy. 


The scanned negatives from one of my analogue cameras - these were taken on a recent trip to Amsterdam and I just got the film developed. I scanned them in to digitise. 

5. Fish

Finally, my lovely other half eating fish and chips by the seaside. 

I hope you've enjoyed this week's scavenger hunt. 
Happy snapping in this coming week. 


  1. Oh wow - keys is really interesting.

  2. I loved your shadow picture, those sheep were toooo cute. Like Ashley said, the keys were really interesting as well.

  3. Really love your series. Those lamb are really cute and the little one so precious, and who can leave out your Keys shot!