Sunday, 29 April 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

In spite of a hectic week at work and piles of marking (which I seem to be avoiding), I have made the time to put together a Scavenger Hunt Sunday post. I love Ashley Sisk's photo challenges - even when I don't take part, seeing the creative development of others is so inspirational and encouraging. Please do head over there to see the other entrants' fantastic sets.

So, on to my interpretations of this week's themes...

1. Yellow

This one was a bit of a no-brainer for me - the rapeseed fields are in flower everywhere round here. The landscape has become a patchwork of green and yellow. Last weekend I took my friend Litsa out into one of the fields to snap some shots. 

2. Something that makes you smile

I took this shot earlier in the week and it really did make me smile - the surreal effect of the refraction in the water droplets and the fact that I had attempted something new with my camera. I love being creative and trying new, quirky things. 

3. Ancient or Antique

Both the book and the ring are antiques. The ring  belonged to my great-grandmother and has been passed down through the generations to me. It is far too tiny for me to wear on any bar my little finger so, instead, if I do wear it, I wear it on a chain round my neck. The book is a copy of Milton's 'Paradise Lost' I found in a second-hand bookshop years ago. The text itself dates back to the 1640s, but this edition, according to my research, was published in the 1880s. I probably shouldn't keep it on top of the radiator then...

4. Splash

This one is from my archive - taken a few weeks ago. It was taken on a hot, sunny Sunday in Bristol and the children were loving splashing around in the fountains in Millennium Square. Slightly worried that may be our only glimpse of summer, as it has rained pretty steadily from that point on!

5. In the sun

What sun?! Seriously, we haven't really had any since the beginning of April. It has been a very wet, rainy, grey month. I managed to grab half an hour of clear skies and a few little rays of sunshine earlier this week to  snap these dandelion heads in the garden. 

Happy Sunday everyone - I hope you enjoyed this weeks scavenger hunt.


  1. Gorgeous set! I especially love the last two. Wonderful set :)

  2. Gorgeous photos. Your Makes Me Smile shot is so cool! The final shot is beautiful!

  3. You have very good photos here !!!! They are like your personality, in your style !

    I like most splash and that lovely old book !

  4. Several shots that I just love in here - yellow, splash and in the sun. Beautiful.

  5. Oh that yellow shot is gorgeous, and the splash shot is terrific. Love the water droplets, the colors are so beautiful. Have a great week ahead.

  6. Great set! I really love the first two. Especially that beautiful field of yellow flowers.

  7. Smile and splash were my favourites...but all of them are awesome!