Monday, 18 June 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday...

...slightly delayed this week!
Things have been pretty busy around here but I've still been snapping away. Here are this week's Scavenger Hunt Sunday interpretations - do please head over to Ashley Sisk's Ramblings and Photos to see the other wonderful entries.
Here goes...

1. Meet me on the corner  platform

Last weekend B was driving a diesel engine down the West Somerset Heritage Railway. I spent the day driving up and down the railway route, stopping to meet him at different stations and snapping pictures of his experience. It was a gloriously sunny day and so much fun.

2. Mother Nature meets technology

Yesterday we visited Bristol Zoo and I spent quite a while in the butterfly house, utterly captivated by the beautiful exotic butterflies. These 'pads' had been set up with brightly coloured circles and - I assume - spots of nectar, to attract the butterflies. 

3. One step at a time

While we were at the zoo, our friends' daughter very bravely walked the 'sky walk' - here she is near the beginning taking it one step at a time. 

4. What's wrong with this picture?

Perhaps 'wrong' is the wrong word - 'What is out of place in this picture?' would be a better question. Can you spot the light fixture 'in' the table - clearly an impossible placement. The photo was taken reflected in a piece of artwork which was made up of variously angled mirrored tiles - the effect was quite surreal, almost like a double-exposure. 

5. Standing tall

This is the lighthouse at Watchet Harbour, along the West Somerset Railway route. B and I have spent several days here now and have some really happy memories of this place. I love how proud and clear the lighthouse stands on the end of the pier. 

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  1. Such a great set - I especially love one step at a time.

  2. Wonderful set. Really love your interpretations! ;)